Why Data Flute?

Commitment to High Quality, High Performance Tools

First and foremost, we provide the highest quality tool available. We are singularly focused on high-performance, solid carbide round tools. We start with the best substrates that we can find. We then manufacture to exacting standards. We are committed to delivering the finest tools in the market to our valued customers.

Application Specific Philosophy

While we have a single-minded focus on high performance solid rounds, within the high performance category, we have an equally strong belief in the value of application specific tools. Tailoring the tool to the work material and operation is essential to maximize performance and machine productivity. For this reason we have one of the most extensive tool offerings in our sector. We also do a substantial volume in modified tools and full specials. To achieve the highest metal removal rates, the best finish, most consistent tool life and lowest level of undesirable harmonics, it is essential to match the round tool to the job at hand. In today’s competitive world, can you afford any other approach?

Outstanding Technical Support

We back our high performance tooling with an equally high level of technical support. We believe that our customers deserve the best technical support from both our field representatives as well as our inside technical personnel. Every one of our field sales representatives are technically strong. Our field technical personnel understand cutting tools, understand work materials and understand machining operations. Similarly, we provide an outstanding level of inside technical support. Our team is committed to helping our customers optimize the intersection of tool, material and run parameter. Our technical support is second to none.